Collection: If you would like to pick up your order at the event booth, please purchase it here.

After you have completed your product order, an email containing your order number and other information will be sent to the email address you registered on the EC site.

To receive your product, you will need to provide the staff at the sales booth with the order number you received in your email address and the name you registered on the e-commerce site.

Therefore, please register a valid email address so that we can send you emails.

The safest way to receive your email is to use Gmail, a service provided by Google. We strongly recommend this service. It takes about 5 minutes to create an email address with Gmail , so we hope you will take this opportunity to set one up. Please avoid using iCloud or carrier email. Emails may not be delivered properly.

Please also be careful about email address settings that block incoming emails, trash folders, and spam.

If you don't receive an email, please email us at this address

Please contact us via DM on Twitter.

Thank you.

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